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Hello scale rock crawler RC fanatic, my name is Pierre Silva (naturally born and being in action as Péter Szilvágyi-Szeli but you will never pronounce my name if not being a hungarian). I’m truly appreciate you being here, I will be your host on CrawlPit blog and its related social media channels.

CrawlPit.com is an authority blog helping you with pro scale rock crawler RC goodness like product Unboxings and Reviews, stock and custom RC crawler Builds and RC crawler-related Events like competitions, fairs and other gatherings.

On CrawlPit blog you can follow how I transform from a 40 years old noob to a real-world scale rock crawler RC connoisseur and enthusiast learning and working like a pit bull to perform better and better on the track and in the pit as well.

In the Garage section of the blog you can find and follow the evolution of all the rig concepts I have personally developed and built with detailed imagery, parts lists, related posts and Changelogs for version tracking.

Crawlpit.com is aimed to build a scale rock crawler RC community collecting all the fanatics who has been lost in this engaging hobby and helping each other to become the “better you”.

Please feel free to comment, ask and help in the comments sections of any posts. As this activity is strictly for fun, please consider not to troll, oppose, attack, blame or criticise anybody for its own sake without giving any alternatives. Everybody joining the dark side of the force will be banned without notice.

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Pierre Silva
Founder + Chief Editor


CrawlPit.com is founded and operated by Péter Szilvágyi-Szeli (a.k.a. Pierre Silva). All contents are under copyright and can’t be used without the written permission of the author.


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